By playing on MCREBEL servers you automatically agree to these rules.

If you find any kind of bugs/exploits or other things thats disturbing for better player experience PLEASE REPORT(Click) them to the administration. YOU will be rewarded.

Any rules are punishable by permanent ban (ip and UUID)

Chat Rules

- Keep chat in English

- Be respectful and use common sense

- No swearing

- No spamming

- No impersonating

- No racism

- No chat flooding

- No self promotion

- Do not advertise other servers in any ways

Player Exploiting

- No scamming

- No Trapping (Teleport and Portal trapping is not allowed)

- Do not make Alt Accounts(Making alt Accounts may result in permanent ban on IP and UUID )

Server Exploiting

- No Lagmachines or any kind of creation that makes server lag or crash

- No Glitch Exploiting

- No Cheating or using any kind of modification that gives a player advantage

- Autoclicker is not allowed



Administration can change rules at any time.