Server Guide

Here you can find some information about commands, plugins and some fun stuff.

  • Factions
  2. /f join (Join faction)
  3. /f leave (Leave faction)
  4. /f chat (Toggles chat modes or specify which channel you want to be in (public, alliance, faction, truce) )
  5. /f home (Teleport to factions saved home)
  6. /f fly (Enables fly. Works only in your faction's territory. Disabled in combat.) 
  8. /f create (Create a faction)
  9. /f disband (Disbands a faction)
  10. /f tag (Change factions tag)
  11. /f desc (Set description about faction)
  12. /f sethome (Sets faction home)
  13. /f delhome (Deletes faction home)
  14. /f warp (Teleports to your warp)
  15. /f setwarp (Set a warp)
  16. /f  delwarp (Deletes a warp)
  17. /f  announce (Creates an announcement sent to all faction members including offline members)
  18. /f perms (Manage permissions for your faction)
  20. /f defaultrole (Sets your faction's default role for new members)
  21. /f open (Toggle allowing anyone being able to join your faction)
  22. /f invite (Invites a player to your faction)
  23. /f  deinvite (Revoke an invite from a player. If no player is defined, it will list all players with pending invites)
  24. /f tittle PLAYER TITTLENAME (Set a player's custom title)
  25. /f promote (Promote a player by one rank)
  26. /f demote (Demotes a player by one rank)
  27. /f mod (Promote a player in your faction to mod)
  28. /f coleader (Promote a player in your faction to coleader)
  29. /f admin (Sets the new leader of your faction)
  30. /f kick (Kick a player from your faction)
  31. /f ban (Bans a player from your faction)
  32. /f unban (Unbans a player from your faction)
  33. /f banlist (Lists players currently banned from the faction)
  35. /f claim [radius] [factionname] (Defaults: radius = 1chunk, factionname = your faction, Claims one or more chunks for the given faction)
  36. /f unclaim [radius] [factionname] (Defaults: radius = 1chunk, factionname = your faction,Unclaims one or more chunks for the given faction)
  37. /f autoclaim (Turns autoclaiming on or off. If on, any chunk you enter that you can claim, will be claimed up until you reach your faction's limit)
  38. /f autounclaim (Turns autounclaiming on or off. If on, any chunk you enter that you can unclaim, will be unclaimed)
  39. /f unclaimall (The nuclear option. Removes all claims in your faction, returning them to the wilderness)
  • Economy

We are against Pay 2 Win structure, however, you are free to buy items, it will help us pay for monthly server expenses, there are few ways how to make money.

  1. Vote - You can vote for our server  by typing ingame - /vote or search for an NPC at spawn, click on him and a vote GUI menu should open. After voting you will be rewarded.
  2. Just playing - We value our player base more than money. You can farm materials and sell/buy them at our vendor NPC's at spawn. (Black Market vendor has better prices)
  3. Have some good items on you? You can sell them on our BAZAAR!  At spawn there is a NPC called - BAZAAR, click on him and inventory should open, place items which you want to sell and go to our website, login, and you should see bazaar, from there you can see items, select item description and price and you're ready to go!
  1. Bosses - They make oldschool Factions experience more fun, but they can be dangerous aswell. Bosses have arenas around the map where they spawn, or maybe they can spawn behind you. Currently we have few bosses implemented, for example our first boss - DEATHWORM is easy to kill, but we suggest kill it from distance or have featherfall enchanted boots.
  2. Our strongest boss currently is - FEARMONGER - It drops really good items, but to get them you need to have atleast party of 5 members with really good armor and bows.
  3. You can also buy boss eggs from store.
  1. Found dungeon and want to take spawner with you? No problem! You just need pickaxe with SilkTouch enchantment and job done! You can even buy eggs from our store with some other mobs and throw it at spawner and it will change to mobs you just bought!
  2. For a limited time - XP SPAWNER - Place it anywhere and enjoy getting xp!