When registering use a unique password that you can remember, with the password and username you can login in server and website!

We made server mainly for pvp, it means we have everything organized, every line of code has been edited for pvp including factions,just like back in 2014.

Our focus is to have a excellent and oldschool type server where you can challenge your pvp skills in warzone,arenas or raids.

Server isnt made to be P2W, In-game perks are made only to cover server costs and maybe for a coffee.

We value your time highly, by playing you can get mostly all items that are available in shop, so it means you can exchange In-game currency ($) to real life money (Coins).

If you already checked server, then you probably saw the spawn area, it isnt fancy, thats because we prioritize on servers internal part,you know, all the code stuff and plugins, so  you get oldschool experience with minimalism and stability.

BUILDER - If you like building cool things for users and want to give it a try then press on me

MODerator - To check on users, help with some primitive things, answer on users questions or punish bad users then press on me.

Graphic Designer - If you have some experience making cool images or 3D Animations and some spare time to help old geeks then press on me.

Programmer - Do you like server/website internal stuff? Cool, we expect you drink alot of coffee aswell.